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How to Register an Accountant

1.Open and click on“Join Free”on the navigation row in the right

2.Click on “Next Step” when you finish filling in account information

3.Click on “next step” after you read and agree the“User's Agreements”

4.Successful Registration

How to Log in the Website

1.Open and click on “Log In”button on the navigation in the right

2.Please fill in User’s Name/Email, Passwords, and Verification Code, then you can log in Chinabidders Membership Center and you can start your Chinabidders trip

How to retrieve the passwords

If you forget the passwords, you may enter log in website, click on“forget passwords”. Fill in the information in accordance with the requirements, you may reset your passwords
1.Enter Log In Website, click on “forget passwords”

2.Conduct the verification using the email when you register the account. After you reset the new passwords, click on “Submit”

3.Passwords modification is successful

How to modify passwords

1.After your login, you need to enter the Membership Center-Account Management-Password Modification and verify the original password

2.Set the new passwords. Click on “save”, you may successfully modify the passwords

How to Modify Email Address

1.After you log in, please enter membership center “Account Management - Information Verification”, click on the button of “Mailbox modification”

2.Input the new email address and email verification code, click on“Submit”. You may successfully modify the email address

How to Improve Enterprise Information

1.After you log in Users Center, you may see the completeness of your account. Click on “Check”, then the web page will turn into the page for filling in the information. Fill in the information in accordance with the requirements, then click on the button of “submit ”

How to Disclose the Project Information

1.Open and click on the button of “start”,You may “Enquiry Business Introduction”

2.Entering membership center - my project, click on the button of “disclosure”, you may enquiry the business introduction

3.After you fill in the project information, you may submit. Then, a project manager will contact you

How to Follow Up the Project

1.Log in “Membership Center - My Project”, you may see the status of the project disclosed

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