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Chinabidders Cross-border Barter Trade Platform

Chinabidders Cross-border Barter Trade Platform was initiated in March, 2019. Affiliated with V-FLO Group, and subordinate to Chinabidders, this platform is dedicated to provide all-round solutions to international barter trade service problems for all enterprises.

This platform, based on V-FLO experience in international trade and services in the last 17 years, integrates quality resources of domestic and foreign freight, warehousing, logistics and bonded service of modern ports, and provides advanced and personalized barter trade solutions for import and export companies all over the world.

By introducing Internet+ concepts into traditional barter service by means of e-commerce technology, employing barter settlements instead of financial instrument and together with offline trade parties, Chinabidders aims at building a new, modern and comprehensive barter trade system that promotes the development of import and export companies around the world.

  • Freight
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Bonded

Objects of Service

  • Buyer

    Importer outside China

  • Seller

    Exporter inside China

  • Platform Operator

    Export Agent: The Chinese company for Seller's export agency.

    Import Agent: Serve as Buyer's agent for import and sales of barter goods in China.

    Barter Agent: Serve as Buyer's agent for export of barter goods in Iran.